NFX STR Earthquake Analysis

Design Validation of Network Equipment Mount Brackets Considering Seismic Events


In the process of designing Network equipment for outdoor installations, it is essential to evaluate the seismic stability of brackets to prepare for potential earthquakes. Particularly crucial is determining whether the bolts applied to the brackets would withstand seismic forces.


The most effective use of topology optimization analysis


Introducing a CAE program is very effective as it allows evaluation of design proposals without prototyping during product design.

NFX STR #rubber

Analyzing Automotive Component: Nonlinear Analysis of Door Belt


In the realm of automotive components, the door belt plays a crucial role in ensuring the flexibility of door glass operation, preventing glass damage, and obstructing the ingress of dust and foreign particles. In this blog post, we delve into the functionality and analysis of the door belt, particularly focusing on its nonlinear characteristics.

Analysis Methodology:

To conduct a comprehensive analysis, we utilized the 3D CAD geometry of the door belt and employed pre-processing capabilities of midas NFX to define material properties, load conditions, and boundary constraints. Paying special attention to the anticipated rubber deformation, we optimized mesh quality using manual mesh refinement features.

Nonlinear Static Analysis:


Emulating real-world scenarios, we performed nonlinear static analysis to scrutinize the compressive load and deformation patterns induced when compressing the model with glass, akin to experimental conditions. This nonlinear static analysis encompasses geometric, material, and contact nonlinearities, ensuring a holistic evaluation.

Material Modeling:

In defining the rubber material, we leveraged a hyperelastic model along with Mooney-Rivilin constants. Should material property constants be unknown, experimental data can be used to derive these values. The NFX platform facilitates this process through the "Evaluate Experiment data" feature.

NFX STR NFX CFD Energystorage

Enhancing Energy Storage System (ESS) Design: Considerations and Validation using midas NFX



In the process where renewable energy takes the spotlight, the need and interest in Energy Storage Systems (ESS) to secure electric energy from various sources persist. Achieving stable energy storage requires thorough verification during the ESS design phase, considering the environmental factors of its installation and potential issues arising during the setup. This pursuit of stability becomes paramount for ESS.


KIA - MeshFree in Toronto (NUMISHEET2022)

The NUMISHEET conference series is the most influential international conference in the field of Numerical simulation of sheet metal forming processes ( numerical analysis of sheet metal forming processes), and the most prominent experts in the field of numerical analysis of sheet metal forming processes gather to exchange ideas and discuss technologies related to sheet metal forming processes.


Kiturami-Bumyang - For engineers who want optimal design

What kind of work are you currently doing?


Hello . I am Park Han-bit, chief researcher at Kiturami-Bumyang Air Conditioning Research Institute .

Our company produces and sells air conditioners and refrigeration air conditioners.

I am working on product development, design and analysis of general air conditioning equipment.

In this process, I have been using NFX since 2017. It was used for the purpose of identifying the cause of the optimal design and when an issue occurred or checking expected problems in advance.

Nowadays, NFX is also used for the purpose of creating customer consulting materials .