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Company Kiturami-Bumyang
Industry field Air-conditioning systems

What kind of work are you currently doing?


Hello . I am Park Han-bit, chief researcher at Kiturami-Bumyang Air Conditioning Research Institute .

Our company produces and sells air conditioners and refrigeration air conditioners.

I am working on product development, design and analysis of general air conditioning equipment.

In this process, I have been using NFX since 2017. It was used for the purpose of identifying the cause of the optimal design and when an issue occurred or checking expected problems in advance.

Nowadays, NFX is also used for the purpose of creating customer consulting materials .


How did you work before introducing NFX?


In the case of air conditioners, it has been developed for a long time, so we relied heavily on experience . And it relied on data-based manual calculation by a separate calculation formula .



Geothermal heat pump modeling (left) product photo (right)
Source: Provided by Kiturami-Bumyang


Were there any problems that occurred during the empirical design?


When relying only on experience, it was difficult to predict problems at the site in advance, such as not supplying the flow properly, as there were parts that would be bitten by other facilities. Therefore, there were concerns about overdesign. Looking at the big picture, it can be said that it was not efficient in terms of cost. Experiments inevitably yield limited results, but after introducing the program, I was able to discover problems in advance that I hadn't thought of before .


How reliable is the NFX program?


We can check the results only through simulation without having to go through actual tests. I think the reliability of the results is quite important as it replaces the actual test. If NFX 's reliability is expressed as a percentage, I think it takes more than 80%. Depending on the situation, the condition input is different, so there may be deviations, but most of the values ​​showed high reliability. In particular, there is almost no error in the case of the sagging issue, which is important to us. I think we are more reliable because we came to believe through verification.



Velocity and Pressure analyzed using NFX CFD
Source: Provided by Kiturami-Bumyang


Did you have any difficulties in introducing and using it?


For me, NFX is my first CAE program. Of course, it was unfamiliar at first, and it was difficult to get a sense of how to write it. I'm listening to an educational course hosted by Midas IT for free. I took a total of 6 basic training courses, and I am receiving support through the technical support for difficulties in practical work.

I think technical support is very good. No matter how good a product is, if practitioners cannot use it, the value of the product is not great. I am using NFX very well thanks to the technical support that I can get help with by phone , remote support, offline visits, etc. when I first learn to program, and when I start working on it !



Who is right for NFX?


" I highly recommend it to those who have some mechanical  knowledge but no experience with analysis tools ."



In particular, according to the trend these days, there are many cases where it is necessary to submit analysis data according to customer demand. You can proceed with the project while receiving technical support after introducing NFX without having to outsource it every time. As a result, it greatly helps to save money and effort.


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