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midas NFX

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Competent analysis

NFX boasts competent analysis capabilities and ease of use.
We have everything to take your design to the next level.

NFX Ease of Use AI-level automation enables
and efficient design
Automatic cleanup The automatic clean-up function
cleans up
features that are not critical
to the analysis
such as small holes
and fillets, which is the
basis for a clean
Automatic mesh generation Anyone can easily and quickly create a

mesh-optimized design model.

Even model assembles of thousands of
can be quickly created with parallel
Automatic report The result analysis of numerical tables
and graphs
can be deducted as MS

Based on the analysis results, outputs of
outlines, model shapes, materials,
properties and even displacement/
stress results can ba automatically
Convenient analsys functions in NFX It is easy to use,

but offers a wide range of
required for
professional engineering.
20 types of elements provided About 20 types of specialized elements
can be used in the right place depending
on the purpose of analysis

Welding elementsACM Spot Weld element

2D+ Special elementMixing 2D+Mass+Rigid elements

1D+ Speical element mixMixing beam and mass elements

3D element4-node Tetra
10-node Tetra

Mix of 1D+2D+3D elementsMixture of Beam, Shell
and Solid element

2D element4-node Quad
6-node Tri

3D element8-node Hexa
20-node Hexa

Offers a variety of load types It provides more than 50 different
engineering practice loads for structural
strength, fluid flow, and thermal
and you can configure various operating
environment conditions to
review safety
under multiple conditions at once.
engineering practice load
547 kinds of material DB More than 500 kinds of structural
and fluid materials are ready for you in DB's.
Materials that are not in the DB, but are
often used within the company can easily
saved and customized as DB's.
nfx material editor
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  • What are the minimum system specs?

    Minimum Specifications Recommended specifications are Intel i5 CPU / 8GB RAM / 1TB SATA HDD /
    NVIDIA Geforce 2GB Graphic Card. If you want to perform large-scale structural analysis and flow
    analysis, please refer to the recommendations below.
    Inter i7 CPU / 32GB RAM / 256GB SSD + 1TB SATA HDD / NVIDIA Geforce 4GB Graphic Card

  • Can I import 3D CAD models directly?

    In midas NFX, you can import Parasolid, Step, and igs files, which are common neutral file types, free of charge, and you can directly import common commercial 3D CAD files such as CATIA, UG/NX, Pro-E, CREO, Inventor, Solidedge, and SolidWorks. If you wish to import commercially available 3D CAD files, a 3D CAD Direct Interface is required and additional costs apply. In addition, 2D CAD with the dxf file extension can also be directly imported.

  • What is the midas NFX Spec?

    midas NFX is largely divided into structural analysis and flow analysis. For detailed specifications, please refer to the PDF file below. Download midas NFX Spec PDFDownload midas NFX Spec PDF