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THN - Meet NFX when I felt the limitations of the tools I was using

Company THN
Industry field Automobile parts
Product midas NFX



Hello? please introduce yourself.


Hello . My name is Seung-Min Yang and I work for THN Design Team 2 . Our company produces automotive wire harnesses . To put it simply , Wire Harness refers to a bundle of wires that transmits the generated current and condensed current of the Alt and Battery in the car to the electrical equipment without loss . I am performing analysis focusing on the design of this wire harness and other parts.


What did you expect from the product at the time of purchase?


We were originally using about 3 types of other brand CAE programs . In the meantime, as I started performing thermal flow analysis, I began to review a program suitable for it . After comparing several programs, they were all similar in terms of performance and functionality . If many parts are the same, I thought I would choose a product that was relatively inexpensive and had good technical support. Since it is a tool made by a domestic developer, I bought it because I thought that the quick feedback and technical support for errors and various problems were my strengths.


What are your thoughts on program reliability?


Reliability wasn't a big concern for us. This is because I thought that the reliability of the result and the accuracy of the analysis program had different meanings. In fact, CAE programs play the role of easily showing difficult calculations based on the theories we know, right? So, I think the key to determining whether the result is reliable or not depends on the conditions under which it was interpreted rather than on the analysis tool. As long as the set conditions are correct, the results displayed by NFX are quite reliable.

CFD (left) and nonlinear structure (right) NFX analysis results
Source: Provided by THN


What effects did you experience after introducing it?


The technical feedback was quick . Compared to other brand programs where you have to wait 1-2 weeks for a problem situation, it can be seen as a very quick response . And multi-core is supported as much as possible, which is very helpful in working time . I am currently using 24 cores , but there is no burden because using more cores does not incur additional costs .

It appears when I perform nonlinear analysis, which I usually do . In the case of other programs, errors often occur due to poor convergence. NFX was analyzed well until the end in the direction I wanted. So now, structural analysis is mostly done with NFX.


Who is NFX suitable for?


" I highly recommend NFX to those

   who feel the limitations of existing tools "



I highly recommend NFX to those who feel the limitations of the existing tools they are currently using. It is suitable for those who are new to it because there is no existing tool , but if it is used by those who know how to handle analysis tools to some extent, it will be of great help in performing many analyzes at the same time .


Researcher Yang Seung-min working on analysis

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