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MIRAE - It's OK even if you're not an analysis expert!

Company MIRAE
Industry field Semiconductor equipment
Product MeshFree


Please introduce yourself and your company.


nice to meet you Our company develops and supplies equipment such as test handlers, logic handlers,

and SMT mounters that go into semiconductor post-processing.

Among them, I have been working in the field of semiconductor equipment for about 20 years

and am in charge of product design .


Background of the introduction of MESHFREE.


Before introducing MeshFree, I had 2-3 kinds of other brand software.

At that time, the parts that needed analysis and the manpower to use them were limited.

It was introduced for the people who use the program, but if that person leaves the company,

in the end, even the program that they bought expensively ended up being abandoned. 


Are you saying that previously purchased programs were difficult to keep up with? 😥


Right .

We needed a program that could be used even if the workforce changes and could be operated continuously . While thinking about it, I came across a program called MESHFREE.

I found out that it is a convenient tool that allows easy analysis without any knowledge even if you are not an analysis expert. No matter how easy it is , if it was a product that required mesh like existing products, I would not have even thought about introducing it .

However, it was introduced because there is no need to mesh the product itself, and anyone can analyze it.


'MAI-H4', an automatic insertion machine for deformed parts using SMT technology
Source: MIRAE Homepage


How much confidence do you have in the analysis results?


I've used it, and I've done several verification to confirm reliability.

I compared the results with other programs I already have,

and the margin of error with other programs was less than 5%.

Since this degree of difference is a part that can be sufficiently different for shape simplification or other reasons,

I tend to have a lot of confidence in the result value.


What changes have you experienced since the introduction of the program?


Prior to the introduction, there was a shortage of engineers with experience inside the company .

However, after the introduction of MESHFREE, we have an environment where we can immediately analyze simple shapes as soon as they are designed .

Now, any design engineer can use the program .

Product designer easily use it in a day or two, so there is no need to outsource and no fear of analysis like before.

I am using it very well.


"I can easily use everything in a day or two,
so there is no need to outsource,

and the fear of interpretation is gone."



MIRAE Lee Jae-dong Team Leader

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