Hanwha Solutions Qcells ESS (battery pack, inverter) midas NFX, Meshfree

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Company Hanwha Solutions Qcells
Industry field ESS
Product midas NFX, Meshfree


Q. Please briefly introduce yourself.


칼퇴가 필요하다면 midas MTS


Hello. I am Jeon Jun Jeon, a professional mechanical engineer at Hanwha Solutions Co., Ltd. Qcells (hereafter Hanwha Qcells). I joined Hanwha Solutions in 2019 and is currently in charge of the equipment part.


Q. What kind of work are you currently doing at Hanwha Solutions?


구조해석, 유동해석 모두 필요한 ESS 제품 개발
Our part is developing equipment for ESS products (solar inverter + battery pack).

Since batteries are included in heat-generating products installed outdoors, a lot of design is required considering heat dissipation design, vibration/shock, and structural rigidity.


The development of ESS is necessary for not only structural stiffness, but also for vibration analysis, shock analysis, and thermal-fluid analysis for heat dissipation design.


Q. What was the background of introducing midas NFX, Meshfree

In my previous job, there was a separate analysis specialist, so I only performed simple analysis, which was an issue in mass production, and the analysis team was in charge of advanced analysis, so my personal simulation ability was not high.


MTS 도입을 통해 돌파구를 만든 전동준 프로님


However, as I changed jobs, I was in a situation where I had to take care of everything from development /verification/mass production by myself, and I needed a program that had good technical support and was easy to use.

I had the experience of introducing and using midas NFX at my previous job,

and I was well aware of its advantages, so I chose midas NFX, Meshfree again without hesitation.


Why did you choose midas NFX, Meshfree without hesitation?

MIDASIT's technical support system and

User-friendly SW usage!


Q. Why did you choose midas NFX, Meshfree among various CAE products?


CAE 제품 중 가장 마음에 들었던 midas MTS


As mentioned above, I liked MIDASIT's technical support the most. I had to solve everything by myself,

but compared to other CAE products, MDASIT's technical support service was much better.

The price was also reasonable.


Q. How is midas NFX, Meshfree being used by Hanwha Solutions?


이미지 2-May-16-2023-01-01-49-0067-AM

Hanwha Qcells' midas NFX analysis example (provided by Hanwha Qcells)

NFX CFD is mainly used for heat flow analysis to verify heat dissipation performance,

and Meshfree is partially performing structural stiffness and vibration/seismic analysis and heat transfer analysis.


Q. What changes have occurred since the introduction of midas NFX, Meshfree?


We were able to reduce time and cost by verifying through analysis using midas NFX, Meshfree almost simultaneously with the design before the sample was released. Recently, in preparation for the seismic test of the battery pack and the vibration test related to the dangerous goods transportation standard, preliminary verification was conducted with midas NFX, Meshfree, and after making several improvements, we were able to start manufacturing samples. If we had made a sample and tested it, it would have failed, but we saved a lot of time and money.


Save design time and cost

midas NFX, Meshfree


시간과 비용을 아껴주는 MTS, 파트원의 자발적인 해석을 통해 제품 완성도 향상


Another is that part members actively perform analysis while using Meshfree. Because the preprocessing is simple and the analysis procedure is easy, the completeness of the product is naturally improved by analyzing without burden in the middle of the design in addition to the required verification items.


A simple analysis procedure

contributes to the improvement of design product completeness


Q. What if you would recommend midas NFX, Meshfree to other companies?


midas MTS는 쉽고 빠른 해석 프로그램


Since midas NFX, Meshfree is easy, fast, and accurate in analysis, design and analysis are possible at the same time. There is no better analysis tool for designers than this because you can receive technical support when analysis is difficult or you need support.


There is no better analysis tool than midas NFX, Meshfree for designers!


Q. How would you describe midas NFX, Meshfree in one word?


기구설계 파트장 전동준 프로님



midas NFX and Meshfree accelerates

Designers' schedules


midas NFX, Meshfree can shorten the schedule with easy and fast analysis.

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